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milwaukee, wisconsin

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4. Did your slot hit multiple pairs? Consider these options! - Hyped Soles
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4. Did your Sneaker Slot hit multiple pairs? Consider these options!

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Since we use automated systems, there is a chance your slot could checkout multiple pairs of shoes. While this may be great for some - we understand it may not be for others. Below are some things to consider if you want to turn that extra pair into cash. Keep reading for more information....

AYEEEE - Your slot hit! For some, getting multiple pairs of limited sneakers is great because sneakers can be converted into cash. If your slot order hits multiple pairs, here are some things to consider: 



As you may be very well aware - limited sneakers and items often sell at a premium. Now that you copped more than expected - you have created an opportunity for yourself. With this in mind, you can visit your local sneaker shops and sell the pair for a quick profit. However, if there are no shops or local customers near you consider using Facebook Marketplace, StockX, GOAT, Stadium Goods or Flight Club to sel your kicks. 



A "sneakerhead" is someone who buys and collects rare shoes.  Sneakerheads will usually buy the same pair of shoes multiple times in order to have a pair "on ice" for the collection and another "for the toes". If you have an extra pair and would like to liquidate it for cash - follow the advice above in addition to this:

Since you have a collection of shoes at your disposal, you have the ability to rotate old sneakers for new ones. Visit a local shop, that buys and sells sneakers - most will allow you to trade used/gently worn pairs in exchange for cash or other limited items. Look at it this way, when you get a new pair of shoes... swap out an old pair for cash or another pair of limited shoes or items. If you do this enough you can establish a new rotation "for the toes" whenever your heart desires. It's your world, we're just living in it. 



Fam - if you received an extra pair of sneakers and you do not want it - return the sneakers to the retailer in which it came from. Please be sure to check out the retailers return policy for the best result. Otherwise, you can follow the advice above.