Orders are not being accepted right now, but you can find hidden melodies & gems by clicking here. Orders are not being accepted right now, but you can find hidden melodies & gems by clicking here.

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milwaukee, wisconsin

Tues-Fri, 6:00PM - 10:00PM

1. What Is A Sneaker Slot? - Hyped Soles
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1. How are Add To Cart Services helpful?

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Between raffles, bots and shock drops, copping the sneakers you want is difficult. At Hyped Soles™, we provide a solution to your problems and help you cop the limited sneakers you desire. With the use of our easy and affordable service, you can relax while we cook and serve you with the latest heat.



How does an Add To Cart Service work?

Select the item you want, enter your details and complete the Add To Cart Form. For more details, view the "How It Works" page or click here.

Am I guaranteed to get the item? 

No. Due to limited stock and other factors out of our control we can not make this guarantee. However, we do make the guarantee of success or your money back. 

How do I know if my Order was successful? 

If we are successful in securing your shoes, you will receive a "success email" from us and an order confirmation from the retailer. At this time, your pre-authorized fee will be captured and processed. If we are unable to secure your sneakers, you will be notified by email and a refund will be issued. 

Do I get charged if my Order was unsuccessful? 

No. When you purchase our service, your payment will enter a pending status - payment will be voided and returned if your order is unsuccessful. 

Could I get multiples?

Yes, there is a chance we could checkout multiple pairs for you. You won’t be charged any extra for this. 


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* To learn how our auto-checkout service works- continue with this mini series and click "Previous Post". If you follow to the end, you will learn ways in which you may be able to win a free slot, as well as, earn ca$h.